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I have been looking forward to this week for a while due to the fact that on Tuesday i start my new job as a tech at BSA. After wearing khaki pants and blue shirts at Walmart for 5 years, i get to wear scrubs. There like pajamas When i went to buy the scubs ,  found out they sell grays anatomy srubs. Why? Is ABC that hard up for money?  I opted for the sketchers scubs.. And my badge picture is actually decent looking. And the final lost episode before the finale and the finale are airing in the same week. So excited. Listened World War Z by matt brooks and liked it more than i expected.

Wind Blows.

So i fell of the roof yesterday. I was installing a vent, and when was climbing don, the wind was blowing as it tends to do here. And it seemed that as son s i realized the ladder was giving way, i had already fallen on my hip onto the concrete below. First thought was that i hoped nothing was broken. My hip was bruised a bit  but i got up and dd the 5:30 AM spinning class thi moning and felt great afterwords. Tonight was my third time to teach kickboxing and i think its getting better. Also went back and watched the first season of lost and realized that there are a ton of things i didnt get then but after knowing about the whole evil vs good thing going on on the island i understand and get more of the stuff they put in the first season.


As it goes on, we learn more about the world and ourselves. I know what i want...out of life, from myself, and from others. School is #1 priority, applying to Med school this year...PA school as well. ans have made new connections with people, stronger..getting to know them, but my wall, emotional...is still up.  I refuse to get hurt. Other ties are  broken. But, as it is, life goes on.  ..but i am hopeful.

3 ladys rooms in one night.

SO i went back to the DFW area this weekend with the intent of making a 11:00 am appointment with UT Southwestern and training at Machado's and having a private lesson on Sunday.  But, it was raining hard when we left on fri at 4 am and rained almost the entire time there.  We stopped at Darci's house and i rested a bit before heading to Dallas from FW while it rained like no other. So i got to the presentation and while there, Ty went and had lunch with Trina. As I listened to the PA program director speek about their program, several toughts filled my head, some about how i would like to join, others about how it was going to be difficult to get in. 288 applicants last year, 36 admitted, only 4 were men. So i will still appy, but its going to be tough....I met up with Ty and Trina( who i had not seen in about 6 years, and hung out with here in even longer). We went to some resturant and passed a McDonalds whos tempurature sign read "-169 C", and laughed. I was still dressed nice from the presintation, looking good i might add, when we went to a comic book shop, and Trina pointed out which anime she did voice overs for.."That one, that one, that one.."I was in awe, and a bit jelouse of her awesome job. But that night, Trina asked us what we wanted to do, and having no idea, she made plans and one of the best nights of my life ensued. She bartends at night, so he has connections. So we start off at a place that had awesome sushi and sake, a bit light headed we left with one of her male freinds(dont remember his name, but he was nice). We ate and drank then she led us to the sky (ghost)bar, where we got in past a line of people and up the elevator before i realized what was going on. Drinks again. Beutiful wemon, great view. I spoted what i thought was the most gorgouse women in the club and after perswasion from Trina, i basically thought,"I'm not from here, might as well try." S i did, told her that me and my friends were about to bounce, but before i go i was wondering if i could buy her a drink. we hit it off and talked for about 10 min, then we wereoff, and  left for another bar, drank, danced, etc. 6 Bars total, And my first time to be drunk, she kept handing me water and saying,"Drink." she kept me hydrated and lead me by the hand when i was drunk.  By the end of the night, i was back to ok but fell straight asleep when we got to her house around 3 am sat morning, got up at 7, then went to do a hard 4 hour cardio work out at 10 am. and i felt fine. When i drove back to Amarillo, i was tired and got home and slept. I like DFW, its nice to get out of Amarillo once and a while. But it was awesome fun.

Train keep on rollin'

So im thinking now that i should just stay away from women for now. I've said it before, but am now actually putting it into practice. You wouldn't think finding a smart girl with a good heart would be hard to find, but...and i've also realized something. There is a difference between girls and women, women dont play games and know what they want and wont waste your time, Maturity is the difference. But im just going to stop caring about a relationship right now. After driving down to see Tauna, she totally forgot i was coming, so i told her i'd be in FW if she really wanted to see me, but since i drove 5 hours down there, the least she could do would be to drive an hour to Dallas. I stopped texting her. But i had fun in Dallas and i think i would like to move for school to FW. And it's nice to know ive got a place to stay at down there. Me and Ty will be heading down there on the 17th for training, and well, jus to gt out of town. I can still pull off a B in Calculus. It snowed so much the other day, fri the 27th it snowed all day long and i still had to go to work(9 am to 9 pm). i ended up staying over at Chri's and Sarah's that night cause i did not think i was giong to make it home safely. It was nice, wre played halo online with Shaun and Sarah made an awesome Brinner( pankackes, scrabled eggs, yurkey bacon, and hash browns) :) Yum! Really though i am lessed and lucky to be healthy and almost done with school for now...graduating in May! Ready to go to Europe. I do need to focus more though.  My jujitsu has improved. Laugh everyday and try, its all i need to do.

Now a fan of the band SAFETYSUIT.

I feel very confident in my Advanced Phys test and the calculus test was ok, but i get the results back on Mon. I Saw and Talked to Lindsay today who said she was also thinking of doing PA school , but not in Midland, maybe Austin. Austin is a cool place. Giving much more thought to PA school. The concert was Awesome, it stared off with Safety Suit, which i am now a fan of on account of never hearing them previously. Then Hoobastank, who was ok. Seether was next, and they rocked hard, the bass from the speakers being felt in my bones. The final band was 3 Doors Down, who played like 12 songs, and prefomed very well. It was a great night, andi was able to get to know Chelsea a bit more, we may hang out some more soon...and this weekend will be interesting, but definetly fun. What kind of wine to get?


I get to see Seether and 3 Doors Down tonight....so excited. Hope i do good on the Advanced physilogy test though.

I have tomorrow to decide if i go to see Tauna in Tyler(6 hours), Lindsay in Midland(3.5 hours), or stay here. Im also really excited to see 3 Doors Down and Seether on Wed.( same day as test) even though i'm not sure who i'm going with yet. But, things are looking up and i keep finding out that it was a good thing im not with Sarah anymore. The sex was awesome( like rabbits we were), and she had the best boobs and all around body, but....That doesnt make up for the immarurity and bit of crazy factor. A little bit of crazy is ok, but she....Yeah, i need no contact with her anymore. Im very happy i ot to study with christina today, she helped a lot, hope i helped her to...and i know she knows What Human Growth Hormone is for and where it is synthisized.

Make up your fucking mind!

Tauna: So something has been buging me since i've known you?
Me: What?
Tauna: Were you digging me more than just a friend or were we just friends? This is out of the blue i know.
Me: Alright, so back in the day, you told me how you felt, so i guess its only fair....
Me: yeah, i was digging you as more than just a friend.
Tauna: i told you my feelings?
Me: kinda, it was either just before or after you got back with your boyfriend.
Me: So...sorry if that weirded you out.
Tauna:  No not at all, its just i think i threw away a good thing.
Me:You haven't yet. just gimme a call tomorrow when you have time.
Tauna: Well i have decided a few things and boys isnt one of them, i need to get stuff done done with me before i date anyone else.
Me: A lot off things have been going well for me and i was gioing to see if you were giong to be part of that.
Tauna: Well first off all, im in tyler and i can tell you i dont think distance is the thing for me now.
Me. So why ask in the first place?
Me: well i dont play games so i tell you what.....
Me: i've got the weekend of the 7th and 8th off. i have a lace to stay in Dallas.I'm not mad or anything, just upfront like i said. Think about it.

Lest to say, im a bit confused.

Redirection. I think.

Had class with Cristina today. I hug'd her and it was nice. Maybe i shouldn't try anything else with anyone else, maybe i just wait for her, months years, whatever....i need to talk to Lindsay.